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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many people can I include in my projects?

A: There is no limit to the number of people you can include in a project, nor do you have to pay any extra - even with a free account!

Q: Do you use ProjectReactor?

A: Yes. We have been using the system since 2006 and every piece of work we do is tracked through ProjectReactor. We firmly believe in "eating our own dogfood".

Q: Who runs ProjectReactor?

A: ProjectReactor is a 'cloud' service run by webWise Network Consultants, Australia.

Q: Where is my data stored?

A: Your data is stored on iWeb's servers and your project documents are stored by Amazon's S3 service. Your payment information is managed and stored by PayPal.

Q: Why doesn't ProjectReactor have XYZ functionality?

A: If there's something special you think our service should include, let us know about it.

Q: I am nervous about adding my client into a project

A: If you're unsure about what a client can do and see, add a test account with client level access to the project and then log in. You'll have the same access as your client.

Q: I want to stop using ProjectReactor

A: Easy. Log in and delete your projects, if you have a paid account, cancel the subscription by following the links to PayPal. Alternatively, log in to PayPal and cancel the subscription from there. Ensure you have backed up any project data you might need before cancelling your subscription.

Q: Who has access to my personal information?

A: You personal information is just that: personal. We do not sell, rent, donate or in any other way divulge your personal information.